About Us

Welcome to our site. We have always had fun making things, but occasionally we say OOPS happens, so that is the reason for the name. We like to bring a smile to your face, so have fun looking around. These graphics are for personal use only.

Graphics shown here are 96 dpi JPG, but these may be bought in JPG or PNG and either: 96 dpi (for web use) or 300 dpi (for print use).

Ej and Ej, Graphic Artists

Pardon our mess we are still under construction, but will have available items little by little.

Broken computer

Our management team:

VP of Marketing: Mr. Ted Stuffins – We can find him in the kitchen stuffing himself with the latest bake goods, and if it is chocolate we are following close behind him.
Vice President of Marketing
Director of Research and Development: Mr. Drake Rivers – we have a hard time finding him as he often slips out of the office to swim around in a bigger pond, slippery dude.
Director of Research and Development
Maintenance Manager: Mr Shelly Sloth – head of the maintenance department. Happy fellow but just seems to take things at his own pace.

Head of Maintenance